Friday, 29 June 2012

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Makeup Look

Theme Park Make-up: Magic Kingdom



Products used:  -Pupa baked powder foundation
                       - garnier undereye concealer
                      - Costal scents 88 Shimmer Palette Medium purple, Dark purple, light pink
                      - Inglot Body glitter
                      - Nyx Candy Glitter Liner 'Crystal'
                      - Urban Decay 24/7 liner 'Zero'
                      - Mac Lipstick 'Pervette'
                      -Bonnebelle Brow Gel 'Clear'
                      - Max Factor False Lash effect Mascara

Monday, 25 June 2012

UK Beauty Haul

When I was in England visiting my Sis, I picked up a bundle of makeup goodies from superdrug, boots, and John Lewis, most products I had been coveting online first, and some that I just stumbled upon after swatching. Below I'll include swatches and pictures of all these beautiful makeup goodies and the price and where I found them! I really found that the selection of 'drugstore' or 'highstreet' makeup in the UK was far more extensive than what you would find in the U.S. especially brands like sleek where you can get a full on 12 peice eyeshadow set in the drugstore, with phenomenal pigmentation! Anways have a peek, and hope you enjoy :) 

Barry M Lip Paints- £4.95  in colors 129, 140, 62 

I really Love these lipsticks, in particular shade 62! It is the perfect semi-matte, neon magenta shade, I had neverhnever seen such a vibrant neon pink in lipstick form before! The picture doesn't really do it justice, but trust me it is insanely vibrant! I think its perfect for a fun night-out makeup look. I like to pair it with the Barry M lipgloss in shade 5.  

                                               BM Lip Paint in 129

                                              BM Lip Paint in 140

                                                BM Lip Paint in 62

                                                 BM 129,     BM 140,     BM 62

                                                                          BM 129
                                                                           BM 140
                                                                            BM 62

Top Shop Magical Lip Tint- £9  in color 'Crystal'

This product is really unique! To be honest I really adore the packaging and the look of the lip tint, more than I like the color pay-off. The tint it gives is beautiful and subtle especially just to keep in your purse for an emergency wash of color to the lips. It glides on nice and smooth and is super silky on the lips, and the glitter doesn't really transfer to the lips, it's more for making the stick look fun and glittery.

Barry M Lipgloss- £4.95  in colors 5, 2, 11

These lipglosses are delicious! They are highly scented and flavored so if you aren't a fan of flavored lipgloss these probably would be something to miss. BUT if you love a yummy lip gloss, definitely check these out. #5, the bubble gum pink color taste/smells like bubble gum of course! The #5 is the only one I don't love the flavor of, but #2 smells like vanilla and is so sweet and delicious smelling, and #11 smells and tastes like guava or some tropical fruit, I would say it smells deliciously juicy! These are smooth, non-sticky, glosses that can be worn alone for a subtle wash of color ar can top off any lipstick to make it pop.

                                                           BM 5, BM 2, BM 11



                                                                    BM 11

Beauty UK Lip Vinyl+ Lip Lust-  £2.99 Lip Vinyl 'Pure Pacha'   Lip Lust 'Playboy'

These Lip Vinyls and Lip Lusts were one of the only products I got that I had not looked up before going shopping. I stumbled upon them in Superdrug (kind of like a sephora for drugstore makeup), and swatched these two shades. I was immediately impressed! Especially with the Lip Vinyl formula, they are super pigmented, non-stickey, and vibrant. And the liplusts are super smooth, non-stickey, and give a gorgeous glimmer to the lips as they contain a small amount of frost. Really enjoy these lip glosses and I'm hoping to get more of the Vinyl formula. I even brought some of these back for friends and family because I loved them so much!

Burjois 3-D Effect Lip Gloss- £7. 69  'shade 23'

I picked this burjois gloss up because I had seen a Pixiwoo Beyonce tutorial and Nic Chapman used this on her lips and it looked Stunning! I really love the color and the formula is lovely, smooth and not too stickey. But The only downside is the smell/taste, its quite fragrant and to me it smells like vitamin c tablets or some kind of vitamins. Its a bit odd smelling but none-the-less a lovely gloss, it gives a beautiful subtle glitter to the lips.


Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Gel Liners- £2.99 5 'Le freak', 1 'Glitz', 11 'Shake it Up'

These glitter liners caught my eye in superdrug when I swatched them and saw just how incredibly pigmented they were! They have such amazing color pay-off, better than the Lise Watier Glitter liners that I have swatched before in-stores. They are not chunky, and they apply smooth and with a generous color-payoff, love these! Can't wait to use them in more tutorials!

                                                      5         1            11

Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes-   £10.00    The Orignal 594, Sunset 568, Acid 570

I had seen the Pixiwoo sisters talk about these palettes, so when I was at superdrug I checked them out and I was amazed at how beautifully pigmented they were for a drugstore product. They have a extensive shade range and most of the colors (with the exception of the matte white, and matte purple from the Acid Palette) are fantastically pigmented, and they have really beautiful colors. I especially like the coppers in the sunset palette!
  'The Original' Palette

                                                           'The Original' Palette

'Sunset' Palette

'Sunset' Palette
'Acid' Palette

'Acid' Palette

MUA Single Eyeshadow-  £1.00  Shade 24- Pearl

I picked up this eyeshadow because I loved the color and I had watched a review on youtube talking about how these are one of the best eyeshadows you can get for one pound. I was quite impressed with the pigment, and the color was unique enough that I wanted to give it a go. It looks more purple in person, but in the photo's its showing up more taupey brown. Regardless its a beautiful eyeshadow color and I think it could suit many skintones and eye colors.

Burjois 16hr Kohl & Contour Pencil-  £5.49  78 'Brun'

I have been using this Khol pencil almost everyday this week, as I have been wearing a  brown-taupey smokey eye. Its fantastic, I usually set it with a dark brown eyeshadow in my waterline to make it last as long as possible. I've been loving wearing brown in my waterline instead of black this summer, I find it still defines but looks softer and suits a tanned complexion really well.

Collection 2000 Lastin Perfection Concealer-  £4.19     'Light 2' , 'Med 3'

The moment I tried this concealer on my undereyes I understood all the hype I heard about this product. It is phenomenal! Out of everything I bought these concealers definetly make the top 3 list. They are soooo smooth and blendable. They make concealing dark circles a quick and easy sinch! I would buy backups of these in a heartbeat. I have never found a drugstore concealer with such good pigmentation and blendability here in the U.S. definetly worth checking out!

'Light 2', 'Med 3'

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara-  £10.99   'black'

This has become my new go-to mascara. I picked this up after watching a video of Pixi2woo, when she said that it was a terrific mascara so I thought I would give it a go. It's just superb! It reminds me of Covergirl lashblast, and I believe Max Factor owns covergirl so it may very well be the same formula. But it seperates the lashes, and grabs every single lash. I find I can wear up to 3-4 coats of this without it clumping! It is a dream to apply. I also have the waterproof formula for summer.

Burjois Volumizer Mascara- £10.49   'black'

I have mixed feelings about this mascara. I can totally see why people who love a more clumpy lash would enjoy it, but I find I can only get the look I want if I only use step 1, and I have to work the wand a lot to make it not clump. I think the wand is the  part I dislike most about it. I don't think it does a fantastic job of getting every single lash, It tends to group the lashes together more. But it certainly gives volume, and dramatic clumpy look. This may improve as the formula dries out a bit, sometimes when the mascara is so fresh the formula is super wet and makes it really hard to apply without getting way too much product on your lashes. I'll give it another when it's dried a bit and see how it works!